Struggling To Make  Gains In Strength And Muscle Mass? Always Overthinking Your Programming? 

Learn the strategies a top trainer uses to help clients get better, sustainable progress while spending 70% less time in the gym.

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Clients have paid up to $3,000 for a 12 week transformation with me

It is now time to share the knowledge I've gained with a wider audience.

The Last Program (you’ll ever need) is a chance for you to access my expertise at a significantly reduced investment.


Your Path To Sustainable Progress Begins Here

Learn the formula to building build muscle and strength more effectively!
  • Are you tired of dedicating endless time and energy to exercise, only to feel that the results fall short of your efforts?

  • Do you find yourself bewildered by the myriad of contradictory theories and advice out there, leaving you clueless about how to determine what truly works best for your body?

  • Imagine no longer having to invest excessive time and money in countless training programs that promise to solve all your problems but fail to deliver.

  • What if you could reclaim your energy, have more time for the things you love, and still enjoy a reliable program that yields consistent, long-term results over months and years?
  • Learn what works for YOU so that you can finally trust the process and spend your time doing other things outside of the gym (and yet see the results clearly whenever you pass the mirror or someone compliments you on your transformation?

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In The Last Program, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your own training.


In The Next Few Months…

  • Are you tired of dedicating endless time and energy in the gym, doing endless exercise variation, the "optimal" number of sets and reps, constantly experimenting with training methods and splits, only to feel that the results fall short of your efforts?

  • Imagine no longer having to invest excessive time and money in countless training programs that promise to solve all your problems but fail to deliver.

  • What if you could finally understand what reps, sets, frequency, exercises and programming works for YOU and how it should change over time - vs. hopping from one program to the next, and never understanding why things seem to work at random?
  • What if you could get a reliable program that yields consistent, long-term results over months, years and decades? What would that be worth to you?


The Last Program

Here are some results from Sverre, a member of the Norwegian version of the program that opened in January this year:

He made the following progress from January 25 to April 15 (11 weeks), improving from 20% up to 50%(!) in his lifts, only spending 30-40 minutes in total 3 days per week.

Sverre isn’t a complete newbie either, he’s got several years of training experience, but his dedication level varied over time due to finding it "too hard to get consistent results" before he joined The Last Program.

This is achievable when you learn how to train effectively, and how to figure out exactly what combination of exercises, reps, sets and frequency YOU need to get results:

  • Bench Press Machine: 70kg x 8 reps -> 95kg x 8 reps
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 70x5 -> 82.5x6
  • Leg Extension: 96x8 -> 131x8
  • Lying Leg Curl: 55x8 -> 75x5
  • Bulgarian Split Squat: 32x8 -> 48kgx8
  • Leg Press: 135x8 ->175x8
  • Pec Deck: 68x8 -> 90x5
  • Booty Builder (hip thrust machine): 60kgx8 -> 100x8
  • Shoulder Machine: 40x8 -> 55kgx8 

Here are the numbers in lbs for the metric-impaired (1 kg = 2.20462 lbs):

  • Bench Press Machine: 155lbs x 8 reps -> 210lbs x 8 reps
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 155lbs x 5 -> 185lbs x 6
  • Leg Extension: 215lbs x 8 -> 290lbs x 8
  • Lying Leg Curl: 120lbs x 8 -> 165lbs x 5
  • Bulgarian Split Squat: 70lbs x 8 -> 105lbs x 8
  • Leg Press: 295lbs x 8 -> 385lbs x 8
  • Pec Deck: 150lbs x 8 -> 200lbs x 5
  • Booty Builder (hip thrust machine): 130lbs x 8 -> 220lbs x 8
  • Shoulder Machine: 85lbs x 8 -> 120lbs x 8

What's Included...


The Training Variables

How you apply yourself in the gym will determine your results. Learn the actionable steps to understand what works for you:

  • Repetitions and proximity to failure
  • Rest periods and tempo
  • Volume - number of sets
  • Frequency - how often should you train
  • Progression guidelines
  • Myo-reps - the Norwegian Method to Build More Muscle In 70% Less Time

You’ll finish this module with a complete understanding of what really drives progress (you will be surprised), and through a systematic process figure out what really works for yourself.

You will also get 12 different programming templates (more will be added) adapted to how many training days you prefer (2, 3, or 4 is my recommendation), different bodypart splits, whether your priority is building muscle or strength (or both), training for sports, a separate women’s program focusing on glutes and legs, and a 12 week conditioning template for endurance training. 

A step-by-step video guide will show you how to select the best program for you, how to adapt it to your needs, and also how to adapt it according to your progress (the latter which almost no other programs tell you about - they just ask you to follow their program without knowing anything about you).


Level Up Your Understanding

With the training program variables in place, the next step is to build a knowledge base that allows you to "set-and-forget" your programming, while also understanding if and when you need to adjust and fine-tune things. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of muscle growth and strength
  • Understanding fatigue
  • Periodization - how to program for different goals
  • Individualization - according to genes, hormones, for women, for the elderly
  • Stress and recovery
  • Autonomy and Intuition

You’ll finish this module with a deeper understanding of how it all fits together to get the very best results, not just for a few weeks, but for life.


Activity, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Exercise Selection

The secret to sustainable results is not just lifting heavy weights and doing whatever exercises your favorite influencer is recommending. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The activity levels correlated with reduced disease risk and better body composition
  • How to achieve better cardiovascular conditioning, for health and leasure, but also for sports
  • The best exercises for your individual biomechanics and needs

You’ll finish this module with a clearer picture of what to do both inside and outside of the gym to achieve more energy, better body composition and more longevity and health.


Monthly Live Group Calls and a Private Community

For many, putting theory into practice can be challenging. This is why I have provided an ongoing support through Live Zoom calls and a private discussion forum. The benefits are:

  • Real-time interaction: You can engage in live discussion, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback.
  • Zoom calls will be recorded, allowing you to review the session later or access the material if you are unable to attend the live call. Send your questions in advance and ask to be anonymous if you desire.
  • Knowledge sharing: You can engage in discussions, share experiences, and exchange valuable insights.
  • Problem-solving: You can get solutions to challenges you encounter in your own training, leveraging the collective knowledge of the forum community.

You’ll have access to the Zoom calls and the forum for as long as you are a participant of The Last Program.

Transform Your Fitness Journey

Introducing The Last Program, designed specifically for individuals like you and me.

I understand the challenges you face - I have been there myself.

I spent 1-2hrs in the gym, up to 7 days in the week (I felt bad when I had to take a day off, typical Fear Of Missing Out - FOMO), and would get periods of great results followed by periods of not just plateuing but regression, burnout and injury. 

When I reflect on it today, I was stubborn and caught in my own ways, spent too many years being frustrated, suffering aches and pains and injuries - until I figured out the keys to progress that I want to share with you in this program.

I have crafted The Last Program to be your ultimate solution.

Say goodbye to exhaustion, confusion, and wasted time. It's time to learn what you need for a lifetime of sustainable results.

Join the program today and gain invaluable insights that will revolutionize your approach to fitness, muscle building and strength.


I'm Borge Fagerli

I have been a coach, mental and physical trainer for 25 years.

Even with an impressive lineup of winning athletes and fitness competitors - the incredible results experienced by even the most average client has been the most fun and enjoyable to me - and shows that my methods work universally.

"I just finished nine weeks of the 2-day program, and mindblown by the results! Huge strength gains while losing 4kgs bodyweight, despite several weeks off due to work and being sick.I usually experience a lot of aches and pains when I start training, which have made me lose motivation, but this time I feel even better than before. I admit to becoming impatient and wanting to add more, but I’ve decided to keep doing this as long as it’s working so well"
- Kim André Fjortoft Kleppe

"2 months and 1 week into the program, and even with jet lag and a cold my squat numbers are up 12%…and best of all - my body feels better after each workout. I have struggled for years with auto-immune disease and inflammation, and I can’t remember my body cooperating like this ever before. I have now realised that my progression comes so easy because I’m finally working WITH instead of AGAINST my body. This program has been a godsend for me, and I just have to say thank you, a thousand times!"

- Anja Jordalen

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