The ultimate step-by-step blueprint for gaining strength and muscle mass while slashing your gym time by 70%! 


Get lifetime access to 25 years of knowledge and experience compressed into plug & play program for anyone that struggles with making gains!


This simple and fail-proof system will keep you on track for a lifetime. No more struggles, no more doubts, no more questions…

All you have to do is simply follow the steps…   

“The Last Program” has been planned into easy-to-follow modules so you can track your progress without uncertainty along the way.  

"The Last Program lives up to its name as truly the last program you’ll ever need to invest in. It opens a door to a universe of knowledge about training, nutrition and lifestyle - broken down into both understandable and practical strategies anyone can use"

- Nikolai Grefslie


My name is Borge Fagerli. I have been a mental and physical trainer for 25 years, and worked with close to 5000 clients in total. 

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I struggled with building muscle mass and strength until I finally cracked the “code” for working out and optimizing my lifestyle.

That’s why I have decided to share my expertise and I have since helped thousands of people overcome their fitness struggles in less time than they thought was possible. I’m all about efficiency. 

My shared methods created world champions, but the remarkable progress of everyday people truly fills me with joy. 

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In the past, I have been spending up to 3 hours in the gym, 7 days per week… 

I dealt with mixed periods of “gentle progress” followed by huge downfalls and injuries. 

Often finding myself burned out - missing training days and then beating my head against the wall out of self-contempt and regret…

I have tested different training methods and literally spent a small fortune on knowledge & nutritional supplements that provided me only with confusion.

I was stubborn and spent too many years frustrated, suffering aches and pains…

When I finally figured out the exact way of practical, time-efficient training and diet, the mirror revealed incredible changes I could never imagine. 

At that moment, I decided to start sharing my knowledge with thousands of people so they could get the same results - much quicker - without having to go through years of effort and uneffective approaches. 

Now after 25 years of experience, I deeply believe that all you need to succeed with this program is an internet connection and a desire to change your body… It’s THAT simple.

If you simply follow what I have prepared in this program, I can’t even imagine what image will be seeing in your bathroom mirror just a few months from now…


If you ever thought:

“I just want to learn how to train in an effective and time-efficient way.”

“My current goal is to figure out the right frequency and volume. I haven't been that systematic because I mostly jumped from one (extreme) program to another.” 

“I constantly fail to stick to my diet and still feel like I’m starving.”

“My plateaus is driving me crazy. I see little to no improvement in strength or muscle mass!”

“I’d love to train, but my current lifestyle, work, and boyfriend/girlfriend/friend is keeping me off track!”

“I feel that I am leaving some gains on the table. “

“I’m confused with information, and that’s why I don’t put in the work… If there was an easy-to-follow blueprint I would achieve my dream physique.”

“I struggle to stay consistent with workouts and proper nutrition… I’m not always motivated and struggle to find time and energy to hit the gym regularly.”

“I can’t find a balance between pushing myself enough and overdoing, to the point of injury or burnout!”

“I feel like my mental barriers keep me away from my training goals if I could only overcome them….”

“I stick to my diet, but I don’t see any progress in the mirror”

“How do I make progress without feeling exhausted or being on the brink of overtraining?”

The Last Program (you’ll ever need) has you covered for a LIFETIME.  

And IF you still feel hesitation… 

Read the story of Eirik, and check the transformations of other students that already get results.

 "I still remember how you just ripped my previous training program apart, I was really taken aback and didn’t expect what I thought to be "evidence-based" and "optimal" to be THAT bad... I have now realized in retrospect that it was completely overkill for me to train that way. Even if it was "scientifically proven", it didn’t work for me.

As I’m writing this, I have never been stronger before (and never spent so little time in the gym), but the quality of the sessions is much higher compared to how I trained before starting your program. I’m consistently stronger (as much as 50% on some exercises) with higher energy levels and mental clarity...didn’t realize how tired I was all the time until I finally started training more sensibly and reclaimed my energy levels."

Discover the secrets that drive real progress in the gym. It's time to make progress like never before.




The Training Variables

I want to get you started immediately! You will get a complete understanding of what really drives YOUR progress in terms of load/intensity, rep ranges, sets, rest periods and more.

According to your goals and available time, you will get 15 different programming blueprints with a step-by-step video guide that shares the secrets of selecting the one that is perfect for you, customizing it to your needs and evolving it over time as you improve. 

With a focus on tracking your progress, you can wave goodbye to overthinking your workouts, for a lifetime.   


Boost Your Understanding

With the basic variables in place, it’s time to dive into the more advanced workout principles. 

This module covers everything from muscle growth and strength through autonomy, stress, and recovery, as well as genes and hormones. 

A deeper understanding of how everything connects will lead you step-by-step to the best results in no time. 

You will also learn about the scientifically validated Myo-reps technique, which will supercharge your training progress while spending less time in the gym!


The Last Program Nutrition

In this segment, you will learn the strategies for proper nutrition, with my just-released approach to enable fat loss and muscle building while still eating to satiety! WITHOUT measuring every portion of food, eating foods you like to eat, and without overly restrictive food rules.

There are also additional presentations on how to set up and adjust a meal plan based on your progress, for those who like to be more systematic.


Where I share the keys to the secrets of sustainable results and mindset - inside and outside of the gym - so you can achieve higher energy levels, better body composition, longevity and health. 


You’ll have the chance to ask questions and get instant answers, boost your accountability, and enjoy ongoing support. 

Andrew F.

"I’ve been doing the 3-day a week full body you outlined and have continued to somehow increase weight or reps every week in almost every exercise for the last 6-7 weeks.

It is strange to be progressing every week again can’t remember the last time that has happened. I’ve been training for about 20 years now.”


Kim André Fjortoft Kleppe

"I just finished nine weeks of the 2-day program, and mindblown by the results! Huge strength gains while losing 4kgs bodyweight, despite several weeks off due to work and being sick. I usually experience a lot of aches and pains when I start training, which have made me lose motivation, but this time I feel even better than before. I admit to becoming impatient and wanting to add more, but I’ve decided to keep doing this as long as it’s working so well"

Anja Jordalen

"2 months and 1 week into the program, and even with a jet lag and a cold my squat numbers are up 12%…and best of all - my body feels better after each workout.

I have struggled for years with auto-immune disease and inflammation, and I can’t remember my body cooperating like this ever before."

Nikolai Grefslie

"The Last Program lives up to its name as truly the last program you’ll ever need to invest in. It opens a door to a universe of knowledge about training, nutrition and lifestyle - broken down into both understandable and practical strategies anyone can use.

My experience with it is that it’s relevant for both seasoned lifters but also everyone who wants to optimise their approach. I now feel confident that the choices I make are founded in a deep understanding, thorough knowledge and decades of experience.

Resilient myths have finally been disposed of, my progress has been elevated beyond my own expectations, and I feel newfound confidence in my knowledge and understanding of training."

Silje Haube

"“I’m super happy with The Last Program! I’ve been lifting weights for a decade, some of those years powerlifting and competing at the elite level, and I’ve struggled to believe that you could get more out of less.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

These last few months I’ve followed Borge’s program with fewer workouts and lower volumes than I did during my powerlifting days, and my progression has been outstanding! Not only have I gotten stronger, but I feel better, have less pains and aches, water retention is gone, and I’m looking forward to (almost) every workout (Borge’s comment: we all love to hate Bulgarian Split Squats)! There’s no one I trust more when it comes to training and nutrition than Borge."


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