"The Last Program" is The Ultimate Step-by-Step Blueprint For Gaining Strength And Muscle Mass While Slashing Your Gym Time By 70%!


"The Last Program" gives you LIFETIME access to 25 years of knowledge with 5000+ clients!

A practical and scientific experience, designed for ANYONE struggling to get consistent muscle and strength gains, losing bodyfat, while spending less time in the gym!

"I have never been stronger before (and never spent so little time in the gym)

but the quality of the sessions is much higher compared to how I trained before starting your program, and I’m consistently stronger (as much as 50% on some exercises) with higher energy levels and mental clarity...didn’t realise how tired I was all the time until I finally started training more sensibly."

Can you relate to any of these situations?

👉 You’re tired of working tirelessly in the gym, pouring your sweat and effort into workouts, only to see disappointing results.

👉 You find yourself drowning in a sea of conflicting fitness advice, unsure of what truly works for your unique body.

👉 You wasted precious time and money on training programs that promise the world but deliver nothing.


If so… it's time for a change.


It's the perfect opportunity to begin a journey of personalized, holistic, and sustainable fitness success.


That is why I created...

The Last Program

To clear the confusion and show you the formula to build muscle and strength more effectively, without the misleading tricks and false promises often found in the fitness world.

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Finally utilizing scientific-based approach, Sverre improved from 20% up to 50%(!) in his lifts, only spending 30-40 minutes in total 3 days per week.

Sverre isn’t a complete newbie either, he’s got several years of training experience, but his dedication level varied over time due to finding it "too hard to get consistent results" before he joined The Last Program.

By sharing my entire coaching philosophy through this program,

I will help you figure out what works best for you, your unique circumstances, and how your body changes over time.

You see, I don't advocate for minimalism. I advocate for optimalism. 

Where we consider your sleep, stress, genetics, nutrition daily life – all essential variables you need to factor into the equation. 

Because in a world where social media platforms overflow with short videos promising miraculous transformations... 

And an influx of new studies and research findings,

Most of the time, these information aren't reliable.

With titles like, "3 Tips to Lose Weight In A Week"

Or "Get Abs In 2 Weeks"...

Many of us still think, "If it's that easy, why am I still struggling?"

The truth is, most of these viral "experts" are simply out to capture your attention, not your well-being. 

They prey on our desire for quick fixes, pushing unsustainable methods and fad diets, all while promoting the elusive dream of overnight results.

It's high time we stop falling for these empty promises. 

Magical tips won't make you go from couch potato to super athlete in a week. 

And a 30-second clip can't reveal the secrets to a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

You see… 

What works for one person may not work for another due to variations in genetics, lifestyle, environment, and other factors. 

And this is the reason why my approach to fitness is unique – it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

In this program, I’m tailoring training and nutrition to YOU and what your body needs. 

Let's challenge these empty claims because real health and fitness are built on education, patience, and dedication.

And you may know it already, but the fitness journey is about consistent efforts, sustainable practices, and a realistic, science-backed approach to health.

So focus on what truly works for a better, healthier you.

Silje Haube

"“I’m super happy with The Last Program! I’ve been lifting weights for a decade, some of those years powerlifting and competing at the elite level, and I’ve struggled to believe that you could get more out of less.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

These last few months I’ve followed Borge’s program with fewer workouts and lower volumes than I did during my powerlifting days, and my progression has been outstanding! Not only have I gotten stronger, but I feel better, have less pains and aches, water retention is gone, and I’m looking forward to (almost) every workout (Borge’s comment: we all love to hate Bulgarian Split Squats)! There’s no one I trust more when it comes to training and nutrition than Borge."

Andrew F.

"I’ve been doing the 3-day a week full body you outlined and have continued to somehow increase weight or reps every week in almost every exercise for the last 6-7 weeks.

It is strange to be progressing every week again can’t remember the last time that has happened. I’ve been training for about 20 years now.”


Anja Jordalen

"2 months and 1 week into the program, and even with a jet lag and a cold my squat numbers are up 12%…and best of all - my body feels better after each workout.

I have struggled for years with auto-immune disease and inflammation, and I can’t remember my body cooperating like this ever before."

This program is for you if… 

💪 You've grown frustrated with the ineffectiveness of fitness advice you've tried in the past.

💪 You've hit a plateau in your fitness journey and nothing seems to break through.

💪 You're frustrated with the constant stream of contradictory nutrition and fitness information and need a reliable source for guidance.

💪 You want to learn what works for YOU so that you can finally trust the process and spend your time doing other things outside of the gym. 

💪 You want to reclaim your energy, have more time for the things you love, and still enjoy a reliable program that yields consistent, long-term results over months and years.

Here's What You'll Get Inside

The Last Program

Module 1 (Valued at $1500)
The Training Variables

How you apply yourself in the gym will determine your results. Learn the actionable steps to understand what works for you:

  • Repetitions and proximity to failure
  • Rest periods and tempo
  • Volume - number of sets
  • Frequency - how often should you train
  • Progression guidelines
  • Myo-reps - the Norwegian Method to Build More Muscle In 70% Less Time

You’ll finish this module with a complete understanding of what really drives progress (you will be surprised), and through a systematic process figure out what really works for yourself.

You will also get 12 different programming templates (more will be added) adapted to how many training days you prefer (2, 3, or 4 is my recommendation), different bodypart splits, whether your priority is building muscle or strength (or both), training for sports, a separate women’s program focusing on glutes and legs, and a 12 week conditioning template for endurance training. 

A step-by-step video guide will show you how to select the best program for you, how to adapt it to your needs, and also how to adapt it according to your progress (the latter which almost no other programs tell you about - they just ask you to follow their program without knowing anything about you).

Module 2 (Valued at $1000)
Level Up Your Understanding

With the training program variables in place, the next step is to build a knowledge base that allows you to "set-and-forget" your programming, while also understanding if and when you need to adjust and fine-tune things. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of muscle growth and strength
  • Understanding fatigue
  • Periodization - how to program for different goals
  • Individualization - according to genes, hormones, for women, for the elderly
  • Stress and recovery
  • Autonomy and Intuition

You’ll finish this module with a deeper understanding of how it all fits together to get the very best results, not just for a few weeks, but for life.

Module 3 - Part 1 (Valued at $700)
The Last Program Diet Solution

Just released (as of August 2023), I share my approach to enable effortless fat loss and muscle building while eating to satiety and without meticulously counting and measuring every morsel of food you eat, or enforcing rigid and overly restrictive rules around foods.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Satiety signals, problems with calorie counting, intuitive eating, the ideal middle ground aka The Last Program way of eating.
  • Can you really eat to satiety and build muscle and lose fat - what does the evidence show.
  • Macro- and micronutrients effects on satiety.
  • What foods are the most satiating - but also nourishing and tasty.
  • Theory into practice with examples.
  • Optimal fueling for workouts for recovery and muscle building.
  • Psychology and food environment, the impact of perception, mood, serving sizes, palatability, circadian rhythms, sleep and stress. How to avoid overeating and bingeing.
  • Aligning behaviours around food with values instead of having to rely on discipline and willpower.
  • Case studies - including myself

You’ll finish this module with both theoretical and practical takeaways that will enable you to ingrain healthy food habits where you can eat when hungry and to satiety, while still allowing you to lose fat, build muscle, have better digestion and more stable energy levels.

Module 3 - Part 2 (Valued at $700)
The Last Program Nutrition Method

In this module, I share my approach for fat loss and muscle building from a coaching perspective, focusing on the methodical and strategic approach.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Calorie requirements - what actually determines how many calories you need (calculators are worthless unless you understand all the variables that goes into this).
  • Macro distribution - how important is protein, and how much do you actually need? (the answer will surprise you), how do you determine the distribution between carbs and fats, and what is optimal for you and your goals?
  • Adjusting according to progress - no plan will work unless it takes into account real-world results. But you also need to know what indicators to monitor, when to adjust and what to adjust to ensure your progress is optimal.
  • Carb cycling, fasting strategies (there are countless), the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) for rapid fat loss - in this presentation I share everything about these advanced strategies.
  • Case studies - theory into practice, showing how The Last Program Nutrition Method works in real people, in the real world.
  • Calorie calculators
  • Diet templates for different goals

You’ll finish this module understanding how to set up structured diet plans, how to adjust and optimize according to real-world results so you can get to your goals faster and without struggle or stagnation.

Bonus Modules

Bonus Module 1 (Valued at $250)
Activity & Conditioning

This lesson covers activity levels for improved health and body composition, cardiovascular conditioning, and tailored exercises for your needs. By the end, you'll know how to enhance energy, body composition, and overall health both in and outside the gym.

Bonus Module 2 (Valued at $300)
Optimal Exercise Selection + Home Training Exercise Guide

This guide not only provides insights into selecting the most effective exercises for your fitness goals but also offers a diverse range of home-friendly workouts to ensure you stay on track with your fitness journey.

Bonus Module 3 (Valued at $250)
Mapping Out Your Life

We specifically map out and address positive and negative factors in your life and how they affect your time, energy and focus.

Bonus Module 4 (Valued at $350)
The Warrior Meditation

This is my recommended mindfulness exercise for quieting down your thoughts, and doesn’t require extensive rituals or sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed.

Bonus Module 5 (Valued at $350)
The Metacognitive Model For Managing Your Thoughts

Focused on modifying metacognitive beliefs that perpetuate states of worry, rumination and attention fixation. It addresses how you think about and relate to your own thoughts vs. other models which are more focused on WHAT you think.

You also get access to: Private Community

You can engage in discussions, seek guidance, and draw inspiration, creating an environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Valued at $50

The Last Program

Total Value: $6,200

Now Only: $297


Join The Last Program - Lifetime Access - $297


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If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Last Program, let me know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

You're not just investing in knowledge; you're investing in your future self.

This isn't solely about aesthetics or immediate gains;

It's about building habits and a mindset that will serve you well throughout your life.

Understanding the principles of fitness empowers you to make informed choices,

Whether it's selecting nourishing foods, designing effective workout routines, or recognizing the importance of recovery and rest.

Investing in knowledge is a commitment to a healthier, more active, and fulfilling future.  

It's a gift to your future self, ensuring that you not only enjoy the benefits of physical fitness now but also cultivate a resilient and enduring foundation for the years to come.

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