Let's Get Serious About Your Training and Nutrition

My step-by-step system will help you finally master your fitness journey and create the results you’ve always wanted - but struggled to figure out how to achieve. I’ve been there, and through a systematic process - along with 25 years of working with thousands of clients - I’ve developed systems that have been a game changer for everyone who learned it.




Read the article that started it all, the training method used by millions of people all over the world, incorporated in the training curriculum of universities and schools, and even used by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself!


Free Volume Webinar

Stop following generic advice on how much to train. Watch a FREE 90-minute webinar training to learn the theory and practice of individualized training volume, and walk away with everything you need to finally figure out the key to strength and muscle growth!


The Last Program...you’ll ever need to invest in

An ambitious claim? I don't think so...

The culmination of 25 years of experience, reading and applying thousands of pages of scientific literature and studies, and more than 4,000 customers summarized in one program.

The Last Program provides you with the most effective principles and methods for transforming your body - with less time spent in the gym!

You'll gain knowledge that allows you to never have to purchase another training program again AND results you didn't think were possible. "


I'm Borge Fagerli

I have been a coach, mental and physical trainer for 25 years.

In my childhood and adolescent years, I was very thin and frail, and I spent many years thinking that if I just trained more than everyone else I would also achieve my dream physique.

I am an engineer by education, but have delved deep into higher level physiology and biology, nutrition, exercise science and psychology, as it came naturally to me to acquire a large amount of information and then put it into becoming one of the most prominent experts in the field.

My own results also came when I finally cracked the "code" on how to train and program (and just as important - lifestyle, stress management and sleep).

I never won any competitions myself, but when I shared my methods with others it has created world champions.

Even with an impressive lineup of winning athletes and fitness competitors - the incredible results experienced by even the most average client has been the most fun and enjoyable to me - and shows that my methods work universally.


"I've had many trainers over the years, but often the results have been lacking and I've lost the joy of training.

 With Borge’s programming, I see a drastic change in not only my body, but also my mood and energy."

- Marion Raven, artist

"The frustration was great with all the time and energy I put into optimizing my health. I was far from performing the way I wanted.

 After 8 weeks, my bodyfat levels were 50% down, strength increases were up to 20-30% on most exercises. Inflammations and minor complaints were gone."

- Karl-Eirik Hansen, CEO

"2 months and 1 week into the program, and even with a jet lag and a cold my squat numbers are up 12%…and best of all - my body feels better after each workout. I have struggled for years with auto-immune disease and inflammation, and I can’t remember my body cooperating like this ever before."

- Anja Jordalen, Powerlifter

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