• The Peak Performance
    Transformation Program

    For over a quarter of a century, I've dedicated myself to the art and science of coaching, specializing in both mental and physical transformation. 

    My journey has been marked by the success of ambitious CEOs, artists, politicians, influencers, and high-profile professionals who already operate at high levels but still have recurring struggles. 

    Through my extensive career as a coach and obsessed about self-development, I have developed the knowledge and intuition to pinpoint your blind spots and will dedicate myself to identify the keys to unlock your highest potential.

    My Story

    I used to be the go-to guru for muscle building and achieving a six-pack in the fitness world. Obsessed with discipline and willpower, I pushed myself and my clients with extreme training and dietary approaches. 

    My methods created international fitness and bodybuilding champions, but the journey was fraught with self-destructive behaviors, wild swings in mood and energy, and a persistent feeling of emptiness.

    The turning point came with the birth of my son in 2017. This profound experience reshaped my understanding of success, shifting my focus towards inspiring the next generation and refining my coaching philosophy. 

    Navigating the demands of parenthood, career, and self-improvement taught me the critical importance of self-care. 

    Like the oxygen mask analogy on a plane, I learned that nurturing my well-being is essential to supporting others.

    Before fatherhood, my philosophy centered solely on physical strength and pushing limits. However, I came to realize that true peak performance encompasses mental clarity, emotional stability, and longevity. 

    This holistic approach is now the cornerstone of my coaching.

    At 50, I’m in the best shape of my life, with a clear understanding of my goals and what a good life should be all about:

    Feeling less stressed, more confident, more focused and more energetic even as we age.

    I am truly obsessed about helping you achieve this physical and mental state.


    Your Ideal Future Self

    Feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed?

    Imagine waking up every day with a clear sense of purpose, knowing exactly what your priorities are and feeling energized to tackle them. 

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you’ll find yourself focused and productive, able to handle tasks efficiently without burning out. 

    You’ll experience a profound shift in how you approach your work and personal life with the mindset you will adopt after working with me.

    Psychological Resilience

    Imagine having the confidence to pursue your biggest goals, the motivation to keep going when things get tough, and the ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks. 

    Imagine walking into a room full of strangers (or colleagues) and feeling completely at ease, knowing you belong and have something valuable to contribute. 

    By building psychological resilience, you’ll develop the mental strength to face challenges head-on, without being paralyzed by overthinking or anxiety.

    Expected Results

    Improved Physical Performance

    Within 90 days, you can expect to see significant improvements in your physical performance— my clients typically see 20-30% gains in strength, 5-10kg/12-25lbs less body fat, and 2-5kg/5-10lbs more muscle - depending on the starting point and goal.

    It’s important that we build a lifestyle and habits so that you can sustain these results for the rest of your life, instead of it being “just another 12-week transformation”. 

    You’ll not only look leaner and stronger, but also feel more vibrant and energetic, ready to take on any challenge. 

    Better Work-Life Balance

    Achieving a balanced lifestyle will enable you to reduce your stress levels, prevent burnout, and feel a renewed sense of joy and satisfaction in both your work and personal life. 

    My goal is to help you find the balance that you are looking for, a fulfilling life where you’re able to spend more time doing more of those things you enjoy, but always feel like you’re too busy to prioritize.

    What is the cost?   

    I can understand that for many, it’s a question of cost.

    Let me just remind you of the cost of not taking control of your situation right now - it will cost you more in the long term. Isn’t it scary to imagine what it would be like to continue existing with suboptimal physical and mental performance? 

  • To be able to tell you the investment, I first need to know more about you, your current situation and your ambitions and goals - and then decide whether I can help you. I only work with a select few clients to deliver the very best experience and transformation.  


Your Next Step:


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Nice to Meet You

Welcome, I’m Børge Fagerli.

For over a quarter of a century - almost 3 decades now - I've dedicated myself to the art and science of coaching, specializing in both mental and physical transformation. My journey has been marked by the success of ambitious CEOs, artists, politicians, influencers, and high-profile professionals operating at higher frequencies than others - but still unable to reach their very highest potential on their own.

The true joy and fulfillment in my work come from witnessing the extraordinary achievements of my clients, tapping into unrealized potential and transmuting it into their highest selves.

These transformations are not just about physical changes; but a mindset shift and complete spiritual integration encompassing all foundational pillars of the human existence.

What excites me the most is the undeniable evidence that my strategies hold the power to change lives, regardless of the starting point or limitations.

My Journey: From Challenges to Breakthroughs

Discovering My Path:

Once a thin and frail child, I embarked on a relentless pursuit of physical strength, driven by a dream. Yet, this journey was fraught with injuries, burnout, and fatigue, teaching me that sheer effort without direction is futile. My early struggles were not in vain; they set the stage for a profound transformation.

The Power of Knowledge:

Blessed with a keen intellect from a young age, I diverged from my engineering background, drawn instead to the intricacies of physiology, nutrition, exercise science, and psychology. This pivot wasn't just a change in interest—it was a calling. By integrating science with practice, I unlocked a "code" to training and lifestyle management, marking the beginning of my true impact.

Impact Beyond Myself:

My techniques, once personal experiments, have now empowered countless others to surpass their own expectations. Despite never seeking the spotlight through competition, my contributions have resonated worldwide, from university classrooms to international stages, establishing me as a respected voice in health and wellness. Yet, it's the humility from battling Impostor Syndrome and an insatiable appetite for knowledge that truly define my journey.

A New Chapter: Fatherhood and Its Lessons

Transformation Through Fatherhood:

The arrival of my first child in 2017 was more than a personal milestone; it was an awakening. Fatherhood reshaped my understanding of success, shifting my focus from personal accolades to the profound responsibility of inspiring the next generation. This role has not only enriched my life but also refined my coaching philosophy.

The Essence of Balance and Self-Care:

Navigating the demands of parenthood, career, and self-improvement taught me the critical importance of self-care. Like the oxygen mask analogy on a plane, I learned that nurturing my well-being is foundational to supporting others. This realization fuels my mission to guide clients towards not just achieving their goals but living a balanced, fulfilled life.

Your Guide and Mentor:

Embracing my role as a coach, I'm committed to unlocking the potential within each individual. The journey to optimal health, strength, and resilience is both personal and universal. As a father, mentor, and expert, I offer more than just strategies for physical transformation; I provide a roadmap to a life of balance, growth, and fulfillment.