$297.00 USD

The Last Program - Lifetime access

What you'll get:

  • Multiple Training Templates and Splits, from 2-4 days/week
  • 16 Video Presentations with bullet point summaries and transcripts - on everything you need to know about training programming and progression
  • Nutrition modules - what to eat, how much, and when. Eat To Satiety (without counting calories), but also how to calculate and distribute calories and macronutrients. Food choices, fasting + best strategies for muscle building, fat loss and more energy. Several diet templates with different food choices and combinations, calorie- and macronutrient levels for different goals.
  • A library of Zoom recordings from previous group calls where I have covered various topics.
  • Access to Private Community Forum where you can get individualized programming help, progress feedback, and answers to all your questions from me + discuss with like-minded members.
  • BONUS: Optimal exercise selection video presentation + exercise guide
  • BONUS: Gym-less/home/travel exercise guide + program template
  • BONUS: Mapping out your life - how to improve your life quality dramatically, your mindset, your relationships, figure out what activities and projects to focus on, what values govern your life decisions (and how to change them)
  • BONUS: The Warrior Meditation - a waking meditation from the Samurai of Japan, used today by elite soldiers, special agents and bodyguards to access the "flow state" at any time, anywhere.
  • BONUS: The Metacognitive Model - one of my most useful mental coaching techniques to manage overthinking, worry and rumination.

(Also: a 14-day no-hassle, no-risk, money-back guarantee)